This struck me so hard!

“The darker the night,the brighter the stars,

The deeper the grief , the closer the God.”

-Fyodor Dostoyevsky

No matter how tough the times are or how thick the shadow of darkness is or how lonely you are,always remember that God is with you and he will help you sail through the storm. We may not know the future but we can know the God who does and that should be enough for us to keep going.

Never ever lose hope in God or moreover yourself for God has blessed everyone with a magical elf. His love will surely brighten up your way someday and show you the right path. Always have faith in him for he knows the best.

May God bless us all.


Who are you?

There’s something about nights. The darkness along with the hollowness also brings with it serenity. Something the light of the day rarely offers.
On nights like these you are visited by someone….the person who’s scared of ghosts, who cries watching movies,who loves to sing, who dislikes pop music, who laughs a little loudly, who is ditzy and whimsical, who is scared of rejection, who is scared of losing his loved ones,who is broke, who craves for some love and affection.

On nights like these you meet yourself. The real you whom you have hidden in the deepest and the darkest corners of your soul. But you send the guest back as the office cubicle of your nine to five job awits you the next morning.

‘I worry there is something broken in our generation; there are so many sad eyes on happy faces.’

The sad truth is we are all damaged from inside but ornamented from outside.


I would like to thank lifeofamalgamation for nominating me for the Three-day lyrical challenge.

Two days ago somebody suggested me to hear this song and since then I’m in love with it. The song is the title track of a Pakistani drama ‘baaghi’ which is a biographical based show on a controversial Pakistani figure Qandeel baloch who was killed in the name of honour by her brother. I’m just quoting a few lines from the song.

P.S, you may let me know your favourite song in the comment section.

Baaghi by Shuja Haider

Mera Mann Hai Dard Bhara
Mujh Ko Raah-e-Ishq Dikha
Ho… Main Haari Taqdeer
Bin Raanjha Main Heer
Peera Ve Peera Ve Peera
Main Ho Jaon Na Baaghi
Main Rasmon Ki Zanjeeron Se Bandhi
Aur Sapnon Ki Tabeeron Se Jaagi Hoon
Kyun Apnon Se Begani Main Laagi?
Kar De Na Ishq Fakeer
De De Aisi Na Cheez
Peera Ve Peera Ve Peera
Main Ho Jaon Na Baaghi

My heart is filled with pain
Show me the path of love
My destiny lost
I am Heer without her Ranjha
Oh my beloved
I may become a rebel
I am a rebel to the shackles of customs
And the interpretations of my dreams keep me awake
Why do I seem like a stranger to my loved ones?
I hope love does not leave me with nothing
That it doesn’t give me such a thing
Oh my beloved
I may become a rebel.

Moving on!

Dear long lost love,
It’s been a year but I’m still writing this letter. Let me tell you I always lied when I told you I don’t believe in those special dates. But here I’m all weak on my knees writing this letter to you on your birthday. Ah, my favourite day. I know you must be giving that crooked smile of yours in the grave hearing this.
But today is different; cause you’re not there baby. I’m sitting here wearing your black hoodie because I can still smell you in it. It still makes me believe that you’re here sitting next to asking me remove it cause I didn’t take your permission before wearing it.
‌After you left, people have been telling me to move on in life. But how am I suppose to move on when my own smile reminds me of you. Of how you would tell me that it brightens up your day more than the sun and you could do anything for that curve on my lips. My heart would start doing somersaults hearing this but I pretended not to care. You always sounded like the melody of my favourite song which I never wanted to pause. You were an answer to all my unanswered prayers. You were like that brightly lit up lantern in my life which eventually swallows all the darkness around it. You were my analgesic. You were an antidote to my burning heart. You were the thief who stole my heart.
‌ How am I suppose to move on when even after revolving my life to one eighty degrees I come back to the to the place you had left me. The point where you left me and made me realise that those promises of ‘forever’ were a lie.

How am I suppose to move on when I still feel your touch inscribed on every part of my body. Those fingers caressing my forehead after a tiring day and the pain, stress and worries everything would simply vanish away. How am I suppose to move on when I still relive a million memories of us everyday.
‌How am I suppose to move on when I have given a part of me to you. Wouldn’t moving on mean losing myself?
‌Forever yours,


I’m highly grateful to ‘Brain essays’ by tischacutie16 for nominating an amateur writer like me for this award. Do check out her blog. She’s amazing and so is her blog. Thanks a ton dear. 


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6. Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice.

Three things about myself

1. I love biryani and chai(tea) more than anything else. 

2. I’m somebody who prefers phone calls over texts. 

3. I’m a huge cricket freak.

My answers

1. What do you think,  what makes you a mystery blogger? 

I don’t think I’m really a mystery blogger. As a person,I might appear mysterious in the beginning but once we know each other you will consider me a crazy lunatic person.     

2. Do you like to be in a relationship or single?      


3. What do you think, being in relationship is more beneficial than being single? 

Well I consider being single more beneficial than being in a relationship. Firstly, I think I should be focused on my career at this age. Secondly, Cupid, the god of love was blind so trust issues buddy. 

4. Do you agree that introverts are more imaginative than extroverts. Why?

You can never generalise it. I think being an extrovert or an introvert has nothing to do with your imagination.

5. How would you differentiate self love from narcissism?  

When you love love yourself but you acknowledge your weaknesses,  failures and wrongdoings, it is self love. Narcissism is when you stop accepting your flaws. Love yourself but in the right amount. 


Selecting any three bloggers would be a very daunting task to do so I’m not nominating anybody buy yeah, you’re more than welcome to answer the questions answered above. 


“I do not miss childhood, but I miss the way I took pleasure in small things, even as greater things crumbled. I could not control the world I was in, could not walk away from things or people or moments that hurt, but I took joy in the things that made me happy. ” – Neil Gaiman

Oh how I wish I could go back to the days when fairy tales seemed real.

Days when happiness was all about attending your friends birthday party.

Days when when completing the homework was a Herculean task.

Days when sadness was all about your summer vacations getting over.

Days when the only worry in life was to save your chocolates from your siblings.

Days when the only demons you had were your teachers whom you dreaded.

Days when heartbreaks were losing your favourite crayons.

Days when you would get excited for every little thing.

Days when watching Shinchan used to be the most awaited part of the day.

Days when you cried a little less and laughed a little real.

Days when your future didn’t seem bleak.

Days when you would bruise your knee and not the heart.

Days when you were always cheerful, energetic and carefree.
Days when everything was imperfect yet so perfect.

Days when all you dreamt of was growing up.

But wasn’t growing up just a trap?